Subtitling Translation Services

Reaching your audience in multiple languages is easy when you use the leading subtitling services of Language Marketplace. As an ISO 1700 Certified Translation Services provider, we create quality subtitles for over 140 languages. We handle the complete process!

Language Marketplace will professionally translate your text and insert subtitles in your streaming media from corporate videos, social media, educational or training videos. We can also insert subtitles in your web-casts and YouTube videos!


Streamlined Subtitling Services - Our Unique Approach

Language Marketplace believes that subtitling is an art and attention to detail is the key to excellence. As a certified ISO 17100 and CAN/CGSB-131.10 Certified for Translation services, all translations are translated by a professional human translator and then proofread by a second professional human translator. We use state of the art subtitling software.

We convey the exact message and reflect the style of the original text. We also make sure that they synchronize with the desirable length of text so as to make them fully comprehensible by your reader viewers.

Our subtitle services can accommodate Brightcove, Kaltura, Vimeo, Wistia and YouTube media hosting among many others, including video content that you are self-hosting.

If you have a video produced and don’t have a script, we are also happy to provide you transcription services, then have it translated into any language you may have a need for, including, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese ( both continental and Brazilian), German, Italian, Russian, etc. We can then provide you with your language specific videos.

Some reasons to choose Language Marketplace for your subtitling projects:

  • We offer dedicated accounts managers to handle each project separately;
  • Our rates are very competitive;
  • We offer fast turnaround times;
  • We supporting all major video formats;
  • We can work with your already published videos;
  • We have in-house professionals with excellent linguistic and technical expertise;
  • We use the latest technology and software to assure accuracy and quality;

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