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Language Marketplace translates over 140 languages!


Albanian Translation

Amheric Translation

Arabic Translation

Assamese Translation

Assyrian Translation

Azeri Translation

Bajuni Translation

Bengali Translation

Bosnian Translation

Burmese Translation

Cambodian Translation

Cantonese Translation

Czech Translation

Chinese Translation

Croatian Translation

Dari Translation

Dinka Translation

Danish Translation

Dutch Translation

English Translation

Farsi Translation

Finnish Translation

French Translation

European french

Quebecois French

Canadian French

Caribbean French

Filipino Translation


Georgian Translation

German Translation

Greek Translation

Gujarati Translation

Haitian -Creole

Hausa Translation

Hebrew Translation

Hindi Translation

Hungarian Translation

Icelandic Translation

Indonesian Translation

Italian Translation

Japanese Translation

Kannada Translation

Katchi Translation

Khmer Translation

Korean Translation

Kurdish Translation

Laotion Translation

Maithili Translation

Malay Translation

Latin Translation

Latvian Translation

Lithuanian Translation

Macedonian Translation

Malayalam Translation

Mandarin Translation

Nigerian Translation

Norwegian Translation

Ojibwe Translation

Oromo Translation


Persian Translation

Polish Translation

Portuguese Translation
(Portugal, Brazil, Angola,/Goa/ Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique)

Punjabi Translation

Romanian Translation

Russian Translation

Scandinavian Translation

Serbian Translation

Slovak Translation

Slovenian Translation

Scottish -Gaelic Translation

Sign Translation

Singhalese Translation

Somali Translation

Sorani Translation

Spanish Translation

Swahili Translation

Swedish Translation

Tagalog Translation

Tamil Translation

Telugu Translation

Thai Translation

Turkish Translation

Twi Translation

Ukrainian Translation

Urdu Translaton

Vietnamese Translation

Yiddish Translation

...and many more languages!!!

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